Оборудование для линий розлива
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"MEGAMASH" - a team of specialists in the manufacture, supply and modernization of technological equipment for the bottling lines and food industries.

The main activities of the company are:


→ installation of technological areas for food production (tanks, piping, steam lines, wiring, process design, etc.)

→ equipment for bottling lines - rinsing, filling, capping, labeling machines, monoblocks and threeblocks;

→ drying systems for bottles (based on turbo-blower up to 900 m3/h);

→ changeover sets (format parts) for bottling equipment – format guides, screws, label boxes,  capping heads, feeling heads, rinser grippers and other parts and components - for both domestic and foreign-made equipment;

→ transport system - conveyors, bottle conveyors, collecting tables, cap feeders, vibro cap feeders, elevators, step-by-step and positional conveyors;

→ modernization of labeling machines for bottles of different types of orientation - by side, bottom orientation, adapting labeling machines for the self-adhesive labels;


→ new equipment for bottling lines from Italy (industrial enterprise SIEM-KOHEM, Mondial);

→ used equipment subjected to necessary preventive maintenance by our company;

→ original spare parts for foreign-made bottling line machines.


Using only imported components (Bonfiglioli, SEW-EuroDrive, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.) in combination with high quality gives guarantee of low-wearing regular operation of produced and proposed equipment.

Our own metalworking production department and design office will help you to solve any problems in short time and at the right price.

The presence of service and start-up department is a guarantee of timely commissioning of the equipment without the involvement of foreign experts (preserving all guarantees).

At present we are one of the few companies that provide start-up and installation without the involvement of outside organizations



3, Frontovaya street., Strelna, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, 198515

e-mail: info@megamash.ru

Phone/Fax: 8 812 600 41 66; 8 812 600 41 67